Formula Vee engine part balancing

We were pleased to receive a testimonial from Mike Rupp. HT Howard balanced engine components for his Formula Vee racing car.

Mike Rupp's Formula Vee Volkspeed V81

Mike Rupp’s Formula Vee racing car


“I want to say a big thank you to Andy & his team for balancing my Formula Vee engine parts.

I dropped the parts off in Slough and was surprised about Andy’s knowledge regarding high performance aircooled engines. He is one of those people who gives the time for the customer to explain their needs.

He quoted me 2 weeks to get the job done but received the phone call after 1 week to my surprise. Usually when you drop off something to get work done you have to chase people.

Mike Rupp - Formula Vee engine - Balanced parts installed

Balanced parts installed


The work was reasonably priced and good value for money compared to what some other companies were charging. HT Howard are my preferred shop for engine machining work!”


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