Formula Vee engine part balancing

We were pleased to receive a testimonial from Mike Rupp. HT Howard balanced engine components for his Formula Vee racing car.

Mike Rupp's Formula Vee Volkspeed V81

Mike Rupp’s Formula Vee racing car


“I want to say a big thank you to Andy & his team for balancing my Formula Vee engine parts.

I dropped the parts off in Slough and was surprised about Andy’s knowledge regarding high performance aircooled engines. He is one of those people who gives the time for the customer to explain their needs.

He quoted me 2 weeks to get the job done but received the phone call after 1 week to my surprise. Usually when you drop off something to get work done you have to chase people.

Mike Rupp - Formula Vee engine - Balanced parts installed

Balanced parts installed


The work was reasonably priced and good value for money compared to what some other companies were charging. HT Howard are my preferred shop for engine machining work!”


Classic Mini Engine Machining Testimonial

It is always satisfying to receive a written testimonial from a valued customer. Alan Godfrey kindly wrote the following with permission to share:

Alan Godfrey - Jan 2021 - Mini Engine Machining“When rebuilding the engine on my Classic Mini I discovered that the inside of the cylinder was badly scored as a result of a gudgeon pin coming loose at some point in the engine’s life. Knowing that the cylinder needed re-boring, I contacted HT Howard via their enquiry form on their website and received a swift and detailed response to my enquiry. Andy was very knowledgeable about the problem which gave me the confidence that he was able to carry out the work. He discussed the range of options available, which helped me decide on the best course of action.

The following work was carried out: cylinder block was bored (+0.040″), rods balanced, new pistons ordered, pistons fitted to con-rods, piston rings installed and all parts cleaned ready to be refitted. When it came to the bill, all work carried out was clearly itemised so I could see what I was paying for and paying by bank transfer was very convenient.

Throughout the repair, Andy kept me updated on the phone and was prompt with answering my emails. HT Howard was also very strict with following Covid safe procedures that needed to be followed at the time (Jan 2021) which further demonstrated their professionalism.

HT Howard is highly recommended to anyone who is in need of a knowledgeable and professional engineer to work on their beloved engine.”

January 2021

We are pleased to have been able to help Alan Godfrey with his Classic Mini Engine Machining requirements and we like the car.

Follow this link to see further Testimonials from satisfied customers.


HT Howard Covid-19 Update – We are fully operational


HT Howard are now fully operational during the Coronavirus pandemic.  The government guidelines have been reviewed and processes put in place to protect customers and staff (Covid-secure).

The customer reception has been reorganised to enable social distancing and hand sanitiser has been provided for customer use.

Cash payments are not currently supported. Please use card payments or bank transfer.

We are are striving to support our customers during the pandemic and we appreciate the flexibility being shown by our customers and suppliers during this difficult time.

Keep safe.

BMW 116i (N45 B16 and N43 B20) Camshaft Cap Repair

Original Broken Cam Cap

Original Broken Cam Cap

In common with many modern engines, the BMW 116i ( N43, N45 and N47) camshaft caps are made of cast aluminium. They can suffer camshaft cap failure. HT Howard have developed an economical solution to this problem using specially manufactured replacement caps machined to match the original cylinder head.

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HT Howard repair process for BMW 320Si cracked cylinder blocks + liner damage


The BMW E90 320Si homologation special is a sought after car and only around 500 units were imported to the UK. The 320Si used the N45 / B20 engine and the aluminium cylinder liners are particularly thin. Over time stresses can cause cracks and ultimately serious failures.

Recognising the need from the enthusiast community for an economically viable solution,  HT Howard has developed a repair process for the 320Si cylinder block.  We provide this service to the trade specialist who maintain BMWs.

BMW 320Si cylinder liner damage and repair

BMW 320Si typical cylinder liner damage

BMW 320Si cylinder liner damage and repair

BMW 320Si – N45 cylinder block completed repair












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HT Howard provide quality engine machining services for classic and modern motorcycles


HT Howard’s motorcycle engine machining services and expertise covers classic and modern motorbikes. Our services include reboring cylinder barrels, crankshaft regrinding and cylinder head machining including unleaded conversions and valve guide replacement (or bronze sleeving). We are celebrating our 60th year of serving trade and enthusiast customers and we have invested in training and machinery to allow us to tackle complex jobs.

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We are looking forward to our 60th year as an engine machining specialist

In 2013, HT Howard & Co are looking forward to celebrating our 60th year as a dedicated engine machining specialist – see our Company History. We are proud to have evolved over the years to meet the needs of our customers. Our policy of investing in the right machining equipment and of training our staff has been a key factor in our success.

We provide a wide range of dedicated engine machining and remanufacturing services to the motor trade and to vehicle enthusiasts. Covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, West London and surrounding areas.